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Lhotse Lamp ® Pink

Lhotse Lamp ® Pink

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Pansari Himalayan Salt Lamps are sourced directly from mines adjacent to the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain Range.

  • 100 % Authentic and Natural Salt.
  • No chemicals used in the finishing process.


  • Warm light helps to prepare you for a good nights rest
  • Air purification using Hygroscopy.
  • Used for centuries to alleviate symptoms of Asthma.
  • Can remove airbourne allergens.

Directions for use

Place lamp base down on a secure surface (falling lamps will hurt your feet!). Once on a steady surface insert bulb into bulb hole and wire under indent on base. Now switch on, sit back, and relax!






Lamps can get hot during extended periods of use. It is recommended that lamp is only used in an area where it can be continuously observed, and is placed on a heatproof area/mat to avoid any damage to furniture.