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Himalayan Clarifying Clay
Himalayan Clarifying Clay
Himalayan Clarifying Clay

Himalayan Clarifying Clay

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Blemishes | Acne | Scars | Cleanse

Original Formula Calcium Bentonite Clay Mask | Always 100 % natural


Toxin Removal Process: negatively charged minerals in the mask draw out and bind to positively charged toxins.

Blemish Reduction: Helps to reduce the outbreak of blemishes, clarifies and clears skin

Cleansing: Naturally binds to toxins and bacteria, leaving your skin cleansed and refreshed

Proven: Used for centuries as a natural remedy to heal dermatitis..


How to use:

Mix Clarifying Clay with Rose Water/Apple Cider Vinegar/Plain Water until desired consistency is achieved. 

Using hands or an applicator of your choice, apply evenly to face or required area of skin.

Leave to dry naturally, this ensures the Pansari clay can work its magic. (If you have sensitive skin leave on for 5-10 minutes)

Remove mask by using water and rubbing in circular motion to utilise the exfoliating properties of the mask. 


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