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Pansari Cooking Slab ® - Red

Pansari Cooking Slab ® - Red

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Pansari Cooking Slab ® is new flavoursome way to grill or serve. Himalayan Salt contains up to 84 trace nutrients and mineral elements. You can use your Cooking Slab ® on a BBQ or hob to heat your food, or you can use it as an elegant centrepiece to serve anything which you would normally add salt too. Each one is unique in shape, colour, and marbling effect.

  • Available in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large,
  • 100 % Authentic and Natural Himalayan salt.
  • No chemicals used in the finishing process.


  • Himalayan Salt Contains up to 84 trace nutrients and mineral elements vital to the bodies functions.

Washing instructions:

Wash with warm water, scrubbing gently in a circular motion to remove the top layer of salt. Do not allow to soak. Dry after washing, and store in a clean dry environment. 

In the box: 

1 x Pansari Cooking Slab ®
1 x Holding Tray