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Teddys' Chocolate Orange Beard Balm

Teddys' Chocolate Orange Beard Balm

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Tame | Soften | Style | Nourish

Using all natural ingredients including the finest Organic Shea Butter sourced from Ghana and 100 % Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, we bring you a true Beard Balm. 

Suitable for beards, and hair, especially beard hair! 


  • Tame those grizzly out of place hairs.
  • Soften those famously rough and brittle hairs. 
  • Style once to last you the day.
  • Nourish the underlying skin to keep your beard growing.

How to use 

  • Using your nail scrape a small amount out of the tin.
  • Rub the beard balm between palms.
  • Apply from the sides downwards, going with the grain.
  • Use more as needed.

We hope it goes without saying: for external use only, and always patch test before full use!